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Weekly Update KW16

April and my new apartment is still in moving mode. To say that the move did not go as planned is a huge understatement. I had already mentioned on Instagram what happened. In the meantime, I’m back to the old daily routine and what you can currently call normal, despite curfews.

Dancing With The Devil – Demi LovatoSong of the Week Playlist

After many phone calls and being put off again and again, I finally got lucky last week and got an appointment for Yesterday (Thursday). It was a struggle and ran at least here in Remscheid once again typical, if you compare it to how caregivers are treated in Germany. One month no update, then it was said about the family doctors vaccinate (without that was checked before whether all family doctors vaccinate) and now but about the vaccination center. Apart from that of the fact that family doctors receive far too little vaccine and each older one goes ahead, it would have meant to have to wait still into the summer. Every unvaccinated day means a risk of dropping out. In the meantime, I was vaccinated with Biontech. My arm hurt and I probably felt a bit funny because of the excitement. But it went away after 5 minutes. I have always been a bit sensitive to vaccinations, blood tests, etc. Biontech is known for the fact that it comes only after the 2nd vaccination to flu-like symptoms at 60%.

Next week my grandma will get her second vaccination. She took the first one well. In the meantime, she also has a new bed + special mattress, which makes her sleep much better and since it is electric, it makes it easier for me to help her.

During the months in which I was hardly online, there were probably by a plugin, massive problems with images. Furthermore, posts are incorrect and therefore currently not online. The same applies to all translations. As soon as I have a little more time, I’ll sit down and revise old contributions.

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