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Bullet Journal #GettingStarted

Anew Bullet Journal? This calls for me to finally start my new blog series. I’ve had a year off now and it feels like starting from scratch. For this reason and because I am currently in quarantine bat my grandma’s house and not all pens are here, I decided to have a simple layout. And yes, it is inspired by Jasmin @teaandtwigsIn this post I will show you which materials and pens I use and how my setup for 2020 looks like. Or better said, for the remaining 4 months. Hopefully they will be better than the 8 before, but I guess nothing surprises us anymore.  


Bullet Journal is a notebook with dotted pages and there is now a wide selection. I have tested 3 different BUJU’s so far and currently I have the dotted medium Notizbuch von Leuchtturm 1917, which is available in many different colors. My first BUJU’s was the Bullet Journal Leuchtturm 1917, which if I remember correctly contains an explanation of the BUJU system. Another BUJU I tested was the Bullet Journal “Watercolor Blue” 05 mit original Tombow TwinTone Dual-Tip Marker 33 black. The sides were a bit thicker, but the distances between the dots were smaller.

And now to the pens. Basically I use fineliner, gel pens (with these I can write better when it has to be fast) and farbige coloured Brush Pens from TombowBelow you can find a list which pens I used this time.


The key helps you to distinguish the differences between tasks, events and more with small characters. More about the Bullet Journal System can be found on the Official Bullet Journal page. My key differs a bit from the classic system. 


The advantage of BUJU over classic calendars is that you are completely flexible in the design. Nevertheless it helped me to have an inspiration / template at the beginning. Before I create a BUJU start from scratch, I first

write a list with the pages I want to create and their order. First come the pages for the respective year and pages that are not month specific. The standard pages are the table of contents, the cover and the Future Log. On the left side of the picture you can see which other pages I have created. The pages for September will be published in the next BUJU Post.  

On Pinterest and Instagram you will find lots of inspiration and ideas for pages. 

EXTRA TIP! Draw your pages in pencil if you are unsure. Take care not to press too hard, so that you won’t see anything afterwards.

As you may notice, I made a few details unrecognizable. I think you understand that there is data that is not made for the internet. At the beginning of September there will be the next BUJU mail. Have fun being creative!

This post is also available in: English Deutsch

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