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May Recap

Ulla, new Theme, Shows & Movies

The last time I posted a monthly review must have been years ago. And even though we live in a very strange time right now, it’s time to bring back the month review. That I’m sitting between taking care of my demented grandma and trying to renovate my apartment I already wrote in the Weekly Updates. But there are more new things that have moved in this month, series that I discovered and things that have moved me.


I ordered the Ulla Drink Reminder relatively spontaneously. Although I had had my eye on her for a long time but then kept putting it off. To drink enough has always been a cramp for me. Most of the time I drink too little and all the apps didn’t help so far because the notification on the mobile phone just annoyed me. With this drinking reminder it is different. You attach it directly to the bottle and you have a visual warning that you should drink again. It helped me that it is directly on the bottle or the glass and I could directly implement the memory. But there are also a few disadvantages. For one thing at night, I always have a bottle of water next to the bed and the flashing can be quite bright for the eyes in a dark room and the rubber band is already a little worn out after a few weeks. This can be a problem if you change from a bottle to a narrower glass. Nevertheless I use it now longer and more continuously than any app.

My second favorite is my new blog theme. If you have followed my blog and me in the past, you know that I changed often. It is like furnishing an apartment. It has to be functional, but also visually pleasing. My new theme is Sitka from Solopine. Even though I like to create blog themes, I’m still far from being ready to venture into my own WordPress theme. But I use several plugins and hopefully I can start my second blog thesjuli studio soon. It will be all about blogging and digital creativity. But of course also the technology behind it and if everything works out there might be the first blogger template by the end of the year. Unfortunately I had to postpone this project in the last years and now with the maintenance I have much less time for blogging and everything around it.

Shows, songs and podcasts

First of all, I am super bad at describing actions in series without giving too much away. Therefore I link you here to the respective pages of the website JustWatch (no advertising). I have been using the site for at least a year to find out which new seasons, episodes and movies are available on the different platforms. You can also create a watch list for this purpose. So here you can find the series that I have rediscovered or new this month. I have a soft spot for series and movies in the 60s, 20s or in between. I can’t count how often I watched Mad Men. When

Let’s watch

Netflix announced in April that they were taking it off the air, I started another binge marathon. Luckily it was just a false alarm. The series reminds me a lot of my grandma and her stories from the time when my mother was a child.


I hadn’t heard many podcasts in a while after the coronary drama started. It was already enough to read about it in the news all the time and think about how I could best protect my grandma from infection. But in the meantime we have moved on and I am currently listening to all the missed episodes of Herrengedeck, voice messages from Jacko and co. In my blog post podcasts, you can find all my favorites and the links to Spotify and other platforms. On Spotify you can also find my May Playlist.

June will not be an easy month. Everything reminds me of last year. The warm weather, the longer it is light in the evening and my birthday in a month. I hope that I can distract myself enough with the renovation. I wish you a good start into June! And stay healthy!

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