Die goldene Stadt
24. November 2019 | Mainz, Germany


ainz is a city full of memories. I’ve had the idea of making a contribution about Mainz for a long time, but life came in between. Anyone hoping for a classic “city guide” contribution must unfortunately be disappointed. It will be a contribution about experiences, favorite corners and many pictures from this summer and also a few from past years.

My family moved to Mainz and Mainz-Kastel already in the 70s (in the 2nd article more about AKK, and I don’t mean the lady from the CDU!). After the death of my grandfather, I visited my grandmother on weekends and holidays until my mother and I moved to her at the end of 1994. At that time the Gutenbergplatz was still a busy street, the Höfchen stop was still opposite the theatre and the Theodor-Heuss bridge had just been renovated. If you wanted to travel, you had to go through the old train station. The new station may look better, but the cobblestones in front of it are nothing for trolleys and prams. But still not as slippery as the market place in front of the cathedral with snow and ice.

My grandmother went with me several times to the Gutenberg Museum, she showed me where the 50th degree north latitude runs, at Hertie my mother bought the pig when I was ill and at the Rhine I could not get enough of the chain carousel during the Johannisfest. But we were never at the fireworks at the end of the Johannisfest. But once at the Rosenmontagszug. As I got older and the sweets no longer motivated me enough, Shrove Monday shifted to the television.

Later, I often did “round” bicycle tours from Kastel to Mainz along the Rhine, over the railway bridge to Gustavsburg, then to Kostheim over the Main bridge and back home. This summer I had thought of repeating this tour and borrowing a bike, but either there was no time or it was too hot. The heat is another point that belongs to Mainz in summer. It is clearly warmer and more humid than here in Remscheid. If you sit on the Rhine on a hot summer day, you can watch the planes on their way to Frankfurt.

Mainz also includes shell splinters, yellow sausage, traffic jams on the Theodor-Heuss bridge, beautiful sunsets on the Rhine and fog in autumn. It is the feeling to come home even if your own address is somewhere else. You can see the world’s only Main estuary and on many pedestrian lights you can see the Mainzelmännchen. Also my first rat came from Mainz.

While writing this post, I quickly realized that one was not enough. So there will be a 2nd one about AKK (Mainz-Kastel, -Kostheim and -Amöneburg), my favourite corners in Mainz and surroundings, about the neighbouring city Wiesbaden, my definition of home and how it came that after years of absence I want to go back again. 5 years ago, for example, it looked quite different.

Currently the Christmas tree is in front of the theatre again and the Christmas market on the market place in front of the cathedral attracts me. In December I plan to go to Mainz again for 1-3 days. This time without stress.


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